What Is The Standard Railing Height?

If you are planning to design or build a staircase or a hallway or deck and you are planning to install railings then you need to know the right measurements and standard codes and numbers for the kind of construction you’re going to start. If you are building stairs or decks then you must be able to estimate the average railing height as well. Estimating the railing height would depend on the people there are in the house.

  • The standard railing height

The standard height for railings is usually taken to be around 42 inches and the stairs need to be at 24 inches at the least. The codes vary from one state to another so you should definitely check in with your state’s code before you start your work.

  • Things you’ll need

You need to estimate what kind of materials you need to use first. Here is a list of material which you need to make stairs or a deck-

a)      Carriage bolts

b)      Wood planks of standardized size, depending upon the kind of project you have at hand

c)      Galvanized screws

d)     Electric drill

e)      Wood saw

f)       Varnish stain

g)      Screwdriver

h)      Knife

i)        Scraping knife

j)        Paintbrushes

k)      Rags

l)        Clean cloth

Without these standard materials you can’t start a carpentry project so make sure you have this entire set ready.

  • Instructions for the work

The instructions for making a deck and stairs are separate but the basics are more or less the same.

-How to build stairs-

a)      Measure the height of the area in which you’re planning to build your stairs.

b)      After that, you need to calculate the number of stairs you’re planning to build.

c)      The height of stair must be calculated perfectly and accurately so that there are no mistakes made. If the stairs are not made in perfect measurements the balance of the whole staircase might get compromised.

d)     After the stairs are built, nail in each plank and fix the rails by drilling symmetric holes at regular intervals on the sides.

-How to build a deck-

The instructions for the railing are the same. Place the planks carefully and all of them must be measured well before you set them in.

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